The Curtain, Kirkjufjara, Iceland 2011

by De Winter Karin

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Category: Landscape

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Date Time Original : 2011-07-16 02:48:31
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Published: Monday 5th of September 2011 08:46:43 PM


William Browning

Love the bluey greys of this shot. Adds real atmosphere and tone to a simple but effective landscape. Well done William

Pierre Dumas
Fantastic shot!

Best regards Karin!


Sandeep Nigam

Wonderful colors and tones.

Best... Sandeep

Ben Huybrechts

Hello Karin,

Not bad at all for a first landscape picture. 

The light is great, as a landscape photgrapher, you choose the right time of day.  The right part of the picture is fantastic, but I have my doubts with the rock which takes up 50% of the picture. 

Well Done,


Sadegh Miri

Very nice capture Karin, I really like the  tones and the textures in this beautiful shot and I think B&W version will be very nice too! Bravo


Best wishes Sadegh

Jeff Grant

Karin, I think you've done a good job with this image. Showing the way that the rock changes as it gets closer to the sea is good. Did you take any more showing the curtain alone? Is this shot a blend to make the sky like it is?

Jeff Grant

Thanks for the explanation, Karin. I'm trying to break the grad habit which you have used well here. I look forward to seeing more landscape shots from you, particularly from Iceland. There is a dearth of strong images from what I have found. Yours helps change the balance.

Karin De Winter

Thanks to you all for your comments and encouragement !

To Jeff, this is one shot for which I used a soft ND 0.9 on the right half of the image; I also darkened the upper right corner a little bit in post. I have more shots of the rock I called the curtain because it reminds me of one. For this one I focused on the tones in the late evening light reflecting the blue/green colors of the sea, and the black basalt sand beach. Best regards, and thanks again for your intrest in this work, Karin.

Josefiina B


Looks unreal, beautiful.

Radu Carp

Very interesting location and composition you did here.What caught my eyes is contrast between beach and this basalt rocks,also water line and softness.Waiting for new images from this splendid location if you have more,regards.

Leo Pereira

gorgeous composition and exposure. Cheers!

Karin De Winter
The Curtain, Kirkjufjara, Iceland 2011 One of my first attempts at landscape photography: black basalt beach on the southern coast of Iceland near Vik y Myrdal one late evening in July. Looking forward to your comments. Best regards, Karin.

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