Golden Blind Man

by Levant Darren

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Published: Tuesday 8th of April 2003 06:08:19 AM


Luis Santos
6/6 superb! Such intensity...

Jiri Vasina
Wonderful shot ...the strength of the look..

Baldur Birgis
Powerful portrait!

Ri©k Vincent
The subject looks terrifying, but the print (scrint) is truly beautiful. Exposure and tones are fantastic. One minor pick is how tight the sides are cropped I hate to see the corners of the eyes bleeding off the edge like this. The rest of the image, however, is overpowering of the minor detail of the eyes.

Lou Verruto

Kobi Eshun
Wow. This is the most arresting portrait I've ever seen. It's simultaneously frightening and compelling. What is this man's story?

Jon Fernquest
Fantastic! Love to hear about the post-processing details on this one.

Rajesh Parekh
Fantastic! This gives new meaning to "in your face!" This is probably the scariest, but most compelling portrait I've seen on so far...bravo!

Nestor Botta
very original portrait. I'm not so worry about the tilt or like of symmetry in the shot. After all, human nature is not *that* symmetric.

It also looks like you've done some oversharppening with a relatively high ratio... Am I wrong? It's just that it make look a tad artificial and harsh lightning.

Anyway, 7/6. Congrats for showing us something different.

Julia Moran
Blind He is blind, and at the same time he can see through you. Simply fantastic. At first I thought he had cat/panther eyes, but they are not aligned, thus it makes me think he is blind.

Tiago Abreu
nothing more can be say. it´s just .......

Igor Amelkovich
Superb Portrait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Liguori
Such TEXTURE! This photo rips you a new but hole! Looks like he's about to pull out his six-shooter and blow you away!

Matthew Anderson
Amazing. I, as always, am jealous.

Extraordinarily powerful portrait. Detail is phenomenal. The eyes seem to have a reptilian quality. Fascinating.

Beau .
You see so many posed and processed people-pictures on this site, and the fussy, stagey results almost always make you wonder why the photographer went through so much trouble. This image reminds us that in the right hands, all that artifice can be used to devastating effect. Everything you've done here contributes to an overwhelming visual experience. I think the anti-photoshop police will have to keep quiet on this one.

Bart .
WOW...what more can I say :)

Richard Blount
I agree with all the other comments, it is a fantastic portrait, but the eyes are weird, it is slightly scary, but very powerful. As I stare at it, it appears to have a slight magenta tone, is it my imagination or monitor, maybe both.

Gordon Szeto
nice Great shot, love the details in this portrait.

Manuel Rincon
well cropped. very original. maybe without sharpening...

Scott Bulger
I like the tight crop and the intricate detail. I do wish that the eyes were level in the frame as I keep tipping my head to line up my eyes with his, but it's not a fatal flaw, just a personal preference. The lighting is very strong and appears to be nearly directly in his face based on the shadow under his nose, and in the corner of his eyes. I too, wonder what has created these eyes, and wonder if he is indeed blind which allows him to have his eyes so wide open in very strong sunlight. I think that is part of what has everybody so wrapped up in this is that they are not used to seeing this type of face in the strong light. I am curious about the rest of his face, and I wonder if thats a good thing, wanting to see more, not completely satisfied with what is in this box. It's a fine photograph.

Brian Y
Great looking photograph!! Such stories in that face

Roberta Bagnacani
WOW!!! Great...great...great...what more can i say!!!

Americo Vespucci
this is one of the most interesting photos I´ve ever seen in my life! My mind and my fantasy imagining many different stories of happiness and sadness, strenghth and weakness... in short: A MAN´S LIFE! thank you for sharing.

Piotr Kowalik
His eye are scary and dead...the only thing I would duggest to keep the face absolutely symetric and without tiiting. VEry good Image.Reagrds PK.

Aubre Cummings
Haunting Powerful Cropped as is, excellent photo. I just wonder...what does the rest of him look like, his clothing, his environment, his hands. Great Great rendition.

Simone Maria Navarra
Excellent image, great contrast, incredible eyes. Simone

Brian Brooks
Wow! This is truly a stunning photogrpah. Wow...

Mark Johnson
Wow. There's a face that's been through a lot. The veins on the nose and the wrinkles are great details. Very powerful. So what's the deal with the eyes? They are natural, right? Cataracts?

Chris Spracklen
Totally captivating! An exceptional image ~ moving to the point of being disturbing. Brilliantly done!

Mark Wylie
Incredible WOW, this is so incredible, I love it, those eyes are devestating, I just want to know this mans story.

Dejan Kosanovic
Fantastic... Great contrast and sharpnes... great tones, exposure... everything is great! :) Tight croping was probably the best and the only solution here... congrats!

Ringo Taylhardat
Excellence I think you can go far with this picture. I would like to know more about that picture. Cheers, Ringo

Bjorn Ingmar
Excellent image

Ray Watson
Extremely powerful image. Very well done. Bravo!

Anna Capaldi
Wow. This is very hard to look at...I mean it disturbs me so much I want to look away. Of course, having this in my portfolio would be an absolute triumph.

Ben Crabtree
A riveting portrait. I'd like to know more about the picture-taking session, but I'm not sure that I would have wanted to be there, given his expression. I disagree with Piotr - I like the positioning just as it is. My eye goes from his right eye, to the left side of his moustache, and then centers on his nose.

E S Livingston
Gorgeous shot.

Michael Sanders
Wow! My emotions are triggered to the extent that I'm at a loss for words when I view this portrait... Again, Wow!

shekar Narayanan
Marvelous What a great shot!

Andrew Greeley
Darren is worth a photography book. Amazing, were this guy's eyes so bright or just an effect ?

Antonio Carrus
It's striking for sure.

Ray Wilson
Rich image, great work!

andre napier
Amazing!!! One of the strongest portraits I have seen in years. Bravo.

Igor Laptev

John Dermitzakis
extraordinary portrait. Congrats!

Lalli Sig
Wow! Proably the best portrait that I have seen!

Craig Allyn Rose
Framing I love the way this image is framed. I think without it you would lose some of the visceral imapact of the eyes and the craggy skin. This is one of the best protraits I have ever seen. The subject demands that we look him in his blind eyes. We can tell that this man has been through much in his life...his experiences are worn like decorations on his face. Awesome image! The Photo Monkey -

Marc G.
Fantastic detail and subject here, but I feel it's framed just a tad too tight and I agree with the comment above that the eyes more horizontal weas important. Regards.

Valencia Whaley
Stunning I was browsing through photos when this one loaded as a thumbnail. I was actually pysically taken aback when I laid eyes on it. It is possibly one of the best that I have seen so far. It is truely an amazing picture. WELL DONE.

Frunze Verdi

Roger Gelfand
Golden Blind Man Excellent!

Ehsan Khoshrou
Excellent! ! ! ! !

Gaetan Chevalier

Aaron Sizer
Great detail, texture. Effective cropping.

rojin babaie
wow thats awsome, spesially his eyes...

Hoon You
Great work!!!

Shamir Patel

this is truly a what i call a photograph. excellent. one of the best photographs i ve seen this year.. marvellous ..

Jim Johnson
WOW!!! Great photo.

keith aronowitz
Incredible work, you are just drawn to the image immediately

David Katz
Grays 7/7 Some amazing grays here - the texture of the skin is very powerful, as with the old lines of the mans face.

Michael Williams
Powerful This has to be my favorite out of the set. Very well done. As soon as I saw this picture so many thing came to mind at once that I can not list them all here, but one of thoes things is Powerful.

Alan Klaw
If eyes are the windows to the soul, this is a horrific view.Incredible portrait.Thank You. Alan Klaw

Daren Fentiman
amazing Looks like he could be a statue. Nice job on the toning Well done

Sahdev S Mainrai
WoW Amazing !!! GREAT Shot

Joyce Michaud
Holy crap. Where do I start? This is so strong and emotional and just absolutely perfect. One of my favorites in your portfolio.

Thomas Wenger
I'm going to go against what a few have said and claim that I like the eyes a little off kilter. If it were squared up it would look too staged. The way it is it looks like you just stole a glimpse into evil itself and must turn away before totally under its spell. Very powerful image. Well done.

Cristian Chitaru
Strong! I like it very much, Congrats!

lian Inn
You have talents in capturing faces.....No one has yet tried to picture faces of criminals....It may be a topic for you....

Julie-Ann Marks
ImPaCT i really love your picture! youve captured all the texture in his face and the un-eveness of his skin. Even though he is blind, it still feels like he is staring at you. thanks for the inspiration!

Marcelo Arbillaga
maravilloso Excelente encuadre, una imagen de fuerza extraordinaria

Jason MacFadyen
compelling... This is probably the most striking portrait I have ever seen. Well Done! 7/6

simona basso
7/7 simply Superb!

MY FAVORIT 100/100. Amazing shot!!!!!!

Mohamed Sedik
From Egypt very good light and sharp in this photo

Vasilis Kouvalis
There's nothing to say. The image tells evrything. 7/7 7/7

Iavor Paskalev

Javed Rassi
Looks striking but....dodging and burning OVERKILL, oversharpening and it does not look natural.

marcel muench
good expression but too much sharpening - in my opinion

Walter Strong
Hey man............ You've got a GREAT eye for faces!

Eric Wéry
Great face, masterful shot

Fantastic editing.

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