by AlQahtani Abdullah

untitled seeking critique alqahtani abdullah

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Published: Tuesday 8th of April 2003 06:07:19 AM


Ivan Colman
I agree the the general look is visual pleasing. When I look further I come to the question what the relation is between the two part of the image. And I did not come to an answer. But it are only great works of art that can raise these questions. And only outstanding works can keep the interest if answers are not found ! Simply waaw !!!!

Igor Laptev
And anyway - nice work!

Fatema Al-Ansari
appealing image .. i like .. it might be a bit dark which makes the contrast low little bit. it's almost preferred to write a brief description of the graphic design you created or a desc. of your idea behind it. grpahic design is usually tricky for viewrs to understand. I like the way you used the filters. I specially loved the strips idea which is actually called a gestalt in graphic design and it plays with the visual tention where your eyes automatically join the strips together. good luck .. i'm looking forward in seeing new works :D

Terry Ward
Damn good Photoshopping. Terry

Sam Norris
I like the overall feel of this image. Nice work.

Aubre Cummings
Excellent Bravo Bravo..... Ok what is it, a Cat, a Bird, a Cage....Hmmmm That is absolutely great work.

Khaled Abdulaziz
walah two thumbs up :)

Abdullah AlQahtani
Catoo5c3 Digital camera + PhotoShop filters,,, Thank You for any comments,,

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