Smiling for you!

by pandey umashankar

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Published: Wednesday 31st of August 2011 03:47:56 AM


umashankar pandey

I feel honoured Pierre.

umashankar pandey

John, I appreciate the attention and processing you've bestowed on the image. The outcome is certainly better than the original post. Thank you so much.

Pierre Dumas
Lovely model!

And picture, of course, how would I know the model is lovely otherwise, ha!

Best regards Umashankar!


John Webster - Modesto, CA

Whoops!  Here is a smaller upload.

John Webster - Modesto, CA
Smiling Great expression full of warmth. I wondered why all the negative space around such a face, so I brought up the rest of the image to see what you were originally working with. The high contrast works to keep the attention on her face---but a tighter crop would be to my taste for your image. I opened up some of the detail in my adjustment and, while it does reveal more clothing and hair detail, it may take away from your original high-contrast intention. Either way, I believe a tighter crop would improve the image. Happy shooting and post-processing.

Eystein Matheussen

I am convinced she smiles just for me, and that is a good thing - and a good picture.


Sreten Pantelic

umashankar pandey
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