Growing up

by pandey umashankar

growing up panvi seeking critique pandey umashankar

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Published: Monday 29th of August 2011 10:50:28 AM


Pierre Dumas
Cute child portrait!

Best regards Umashankar!


umashankar pandey
Thanks, Michael, for the feedback.

Karolos Trivizas

Clarity, perfect light treatment and very vivid pose and expression....!!!

My congrats Umashakar for this portraiture work.... ...!!

Michael Daggett
A hair light would eliminate her head bleeding into the background. I'm also not crazy about the shadows that are cast from her arms. There isn't enough light on her hands. I like it conceptually though.

Michael Daggett

Nice work Mark - thanks for sharing, I learned many things as well.  :)

umashankar pandey

Many thanks Pierre, Karolos!

umashankar pandey
Mark, I am indebted.

umashankar pandey
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