The land of beauty # 35

by Amelkovich Igor

the land of beauty nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 12th of August 2011 04:48:17 AM


Timo Hartikainen

For my eyes, the background would maybe be better if it was a little bit more out of focus. I haven't seen much activity from you lately..I guess you have been shooting these photos somewhere in the wilderness and mountains.

David McCracken
Lovely indeed...

Seems like a nice place to visit. The locals do look friendly.

William Browning

A beautiful shot that contrasts the body against the rocky landscape. The pose of the model is excellent. Really enjoy your work. Best regards William.

Joseph Marsh

Beautiful  Art. The elegant pose, composition, skin tones makes this picture a really fine art. I agree with Timo about the DOF but then again, maybe your intension was not to isolate the model from the BG completely. In all, it is an amazing picture. Well done.



Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan

Very nicely done.

Mike Palermiti

Hi Igor,

Wonderful photography and a very nice artistic flare.

Best Regards,  Mike

Raymond Borg

Beautiful tones and composition. Well done.

Marc Aubry

Spactacular! Great photo!



Aurelien Le Duc

Hi Igor,


As usual, I love your work.


Just wonderful.



Michael C
Just a beautiful shot Igor! Glad to see that you're keeping that old Hassie still a crankin'!

Matthijs Claessen

Subtle and great looking.


(Edward Weston would be proud...)



Gonzalo Saavedra

Excellent shot! Love the contrast between the sharp rocks and her round figure, great pose too. Thanks for sharing.

Pierre Dumas
Wonderful artwork!

Best regards Igor!


Andrew Piotrowski

Beautiful picture. Fantastic tonality, but for a moment I was confused; I thought that it was Alfred's 

Igor Amelkovich
About DOF

I have made this shot with F=11 or 13. We should remember,  it is middle format camera and if you want to use smaller F number at such distance (10-15 meters) with a 150 mm lens it`s easy to miss a focussing point. Further, my target format of prints -l 1х1 meter. At such format the background has absolutely necessary consistence. Thanx for comments))

Paul Palliz
Nude Fabulous! I actually prefer the sharpness in your model & foreground - makes her stand out beautifully.

Igor Amelkovich
The land of beauty # 35 August. The far river in Urals mountains.

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