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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Maggie O'Sullivan
i have been looking through your work. it appears as though you like women as some kindness and warmth shows in how you photograph them. the ladies you photograph are lovely and you flatter them. it's hard for a girl to not like that. my luck you'd live far, far away...... maggie

John Peri
Thank you Maggie. One of the nicest things anyone has said to me about my photography.Admittedly, establishing a warm relationship with these young ladies is what it is all about.

Maggie O'Sullivan
john, john, john ... ...we women are born observant. i was so struck in going through your offerings at how lovely they were. a woman cannot help but notice. i don't think it's something a guy can fake either. so, certainly, i see absolutely why so many of your female friends like you to photograph them (perhaps their french sensabilities help too in not being afraid to be seen as women, dressed ot not). whatever the case, i adore you for being so wonderful to us. everything you say absolutely comes through in your work. i went to look at that may 9th debate you mentioned above. i was surprised at the provincial reaction of some of the men. isn't life grand?

S. Wayne
John, I have had you on my list of "friends" whose work I look forward to seeing since I joined photo.net. I believe we share similar perspectives and I agree with Magee on your respect and wonder when capturing your images.

Maggie O'Sullivan
you're welcome sweetie. but it's not just making a relationship with the ladies that i was speaking of. what i mean is beyond that, deeper. your work seems to say that you like, admire and respect women as the complex creatures we are. you seem to like their humanity but especially their womanliness and show them in ways that reflects that. i really, really like it all.

John Peri
Well Maggie, I guess it takes a woman to say that, but not everyone is as observant as you. I love women, but not as objects, as some annoying people seem to imply (look at the silly debate that took place yesterday May 9th .... http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=1477153 . I love women for their mystery, their personalities and their unending diversity. I love the beauty that exists in every woman of every age and shape. I love them for what they want to show us, but also for what we will never see. My photography is a never ending search to know them better, and the more I discover, the less I realize I know.

Ignacio Carrera
John, your work is outstanding, but this is one has something... I always considered on of your best pictures, I love her expression....

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