untitled nude

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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Philip Coggan
I like the pose, the feel, all the things that Bill K refers to. having seen the leopard-skin cover in colour in the other photo...keep it in b+w!

A. Davis
sorry, i think i meant provocative...it is very beautiful.

A. Davis
slightly more obscene than the other shot, but still very tasteful.

Bill Kantor
interesting pose Very nice. The angles, curves, and forms work very well. I can get lost in this photo (in a good way. Is it a bit out of focus? Not sure, but great shot nonetheless!

hmmmmmm.........MARVELLOUS! the model's pose, the setting up of the shot, the lights and yes i agree, prefer it in black and white.

Patrick Heller
Vanitas Is this a less than half-full wine glas? Then you must be a master of your trade! Excellent!

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