Jumping Spider

by Melanson Jody

jumping spider seeking critique melanson jody

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 115.222200
Y Resolution : 115.222200
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows

Published: Sunday 24th of July 2011 05:58:49 PM


Ruud Albers

Very impressive work, Jody!

Best regards,



Timo Hartikainen

Excellent macro photo. I have to check & search the web, what this photo stack technique is and how it's done, I'm an old-fashioned photograper and I have never heard about it...except one other photo of yours, you mentioned the same words/technique.

Les Berkley
Very good macro, but these things really do have TOO MANY EYES!

Dominick Marino

Jody, this is unreal, a 7+++.  A 79 image stack?  Unbelievable!  I wont ask how you got the spider to sit so still through all those images : )    Add me to the list of those curious about the equipment you use.  Aloha!

Ali Rezaeian
79 Shot ?!!!

Is this a microscopic view ?!  Amazing details are here !  No Doubt 7 !




Steve Shinn

A perfect nightmare.  I guess a darker bg would make it a little more sinister but the the fringes would need to be illuminated.

Great technical work Jody.

Margo Wade

Yikes!  I'm not sure viewing larger was a good idea :)  Seriously, a great shot, well done.

Pierre Dumas
Excellent real macro!

Seven, nothing but seven would do enough for this masterpiece!

Jody, I think you should make a list of your equipment and click on the appropriate for every picture, especially for macros!

Best regards!


Hasan Hasanlı

Amazing macro...

Monte Stinnett

Exceptional image.

Jenny Catron
Okay, now that needs to be my halloween mask. Very spooky.

Jody Melanson

I used 3 Kenko extension tubes, Sigma 150mm, reversed Canon 85/1.8. Mirror lockup, remote shutter release..

I do use Photoshop CS5 for stacking smaller images as it is more accurate than Zerene Stacker which I used for this image.


Thanks all!


Kallol R
79 images!!!

And you have got all the details like a microscopic view!!A masterpiece indeed & 7 all the way.

My best regards.


Dominick Marino

Also curious as to if you used the stacking available in Photoshop.  I have it and used it on one of my orchids.  But 79?  Wow!

Richard John Edwards

What an Incredible capture, the detail is just exquisite. I rate this a 7

Kallol Majumdar

Wow!!! Brilliant macro, Jody...wonderful details and colors...my best

Dominick Marino

Thanks for the tech details Jody.   Your advanced techniques put you in a league of your own.  

Christopher Schlaf

Excellent as usual

William Browning

A stunning capture I will never look at spiders in the same way, scary but beautiful. 

Agus Sudarmanto

Superb macro,did you touch with focus stacking?

Jody Melanson
Jumping Spider Please view larger.... 79 image stack

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