by Kurt Bob

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz seeking critique kurt bob

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Published: Saturday 23rd of July 2011 04:07:19 PM


Bill J Boyd

Bob...this has great tones, composition and title.  Good work.

Jörg Vetter

Great: sleep well ...

Alex S.

At first glance does not seem to be human.  A fall scarecrow or a pile of abandoned clothes perhaps.  Then you see the chin and a touch of the lower lip.  Human after all.   A great sleeper shot.

Bob Kurt

Thank you :)


Tatjana Adizes

:) He is not there :)))

Patrick Desmet

Nice work Bob !

Bob Kurt

Thanks to all       zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Andrea Allison

That must of been a easy one!! lol   Would love to do that right now!!!  nice!

Alf Bailey
Hi Bob

Now we can see what hats were really made for.......stopping flys going up our nose when we sleep outdoors.

Great Shot!



Antoneta Wotringer

A well deserved break? Wonderful.   Regards AW

Pierre Dumas
Great capture!

Best regards Bob!


Radu Carp

Happy time for him no doubt,excellent grey tones,best regards.


Bob Kurt
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

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