complex B

by Arnold Wolfgang

complex b footbrigde faciltity factory industrial st arnold wolfgang

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Category: Journalism

Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D90
Date Time Original : 2011-05-28 19:39:21
Focal Length : 85/1
Exposure Time : 1/100
F Number : 5.6
Iso Speed Ratings : 200
Metering Mode : 5
Focal Length In35mm Film : 127
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Copyright : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0:
Software : Aperture 3.2.4
Gps Latitude Ref : N
Gps Latitude : 51/1 2887/100 0/1
Gps Longitude Ref : E
Gps Longitude : 6/1 1173/25 0/1

Published: Saturday 23rd of July 2011 09:10:23 AM


Jörg Vetter

That shows engineering in the  best way. The tonality works.

Wolfgang Arnold
Fred, Jörg,

many thanks for your good comments!

@Fred: you've captured very well my own ideas - the reference to Escher positively surprised me: I didn't (conciously) think of Escher but you're right, it reminds of his graphics with endless stairs.

Best regards, Wolfgang

Ruud Albers

A beautiful composition with very nice lighting, Wolfgang!

With best regards,



Timo Hartikainen

Very nice...lots of details for eyes.

Anders Hingel

Very well done Wolfgang. The theme is certainly worth a reference to Escher but before he would have started working on it. What Escher is known of is his transformation of such ordered lines and perspectives and staircases was his passion, but his result was surely something unexpected and very very much different (see here a good example of Escher's world of staircases).

The strength of your shot is the almost dramatic violence of strong straight lines and intersections that almost hurt the eye and the mind. Your use of Sepia and your sophisticated use of light, with the darker left and right sections, creates depth and focus. 


Wolfgang Arnold
Timo, Ruud, Anders,

many thanks for your favourable comments - I highly appreciate them.

@Anders: you're right that Escher's graphics have a very different outcome. Though I like the association Fred raised - I was fascinated by the construction: well structured but still maze-like (what I tried ot emphasize with the perspective).

cheers, Wolfgang

Bruegel Kuiseb

... M.C.Escher still walking at the 2nd floor...

I like this sophisticated photo... Hi

Wouter Willemse

I like the geometry, repitition - it works out wonderfully. The texture of the central column is a bit like a surprise, looking like wood where all the senses say it's going to be concrete.

The choice for a sepia/copper-esque toning is a great touch. I'd guess the "norm" would be pure blac&white, or a blue-ish hue. Using this softer tone makes the geometric seem less geometric, the whole less rigid... very nice effect (applies to the whole series).

Wolfgang Arnold
footbrigdes... an abandoned industrial facility.

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