Pico do Areeiro

by Gilberto Pedro

pico do areeiro gilberto pedro

Gallery: Madeira - Portugal

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Published: Wednesday 10th of January 2001 12:37:13 PM


Kaan Bayar
damn good I simply love it. great photo. Not a single thing to say for it; just "fantastic"...

Julia Haskin
Dreamscape Simply breathtaking. Easily seen as clouds or surf, this photo has a surreal, dreamy aspect that is stunning. Marvelous.

Tony Bynum
Wow - Just a beautiful shot, it draws me in, makes me think and causes me to wounder what's going on up there - where ever up there is. The light rays combined with the highlights on the rockes in the forground really make the shot a dream.

Jay Beckman
Man, Oh Man...Wow Is it surf or is it clouds? Great Photo!

Cemal (pron. Jamal) Uman
Are you kidding? I'm gonna pee some people off here: If you can't tell if it's surf or clouds then either 1. You are hard of seeing. 2. It's a poor photo. IT'S CLOUDS. I judge 1. above to be operative here. More importantly, I would say that the photo is great but lacks a focal point. A person somewhere would have done the trick. Why are all the critiques posted here always so glowing? Please; we'd all like to have taken this shot, it is very nice, BUT IT ISN'T PERFECT. C.

margie rosen
Would that person be riding the clouds or the surf, Cemal? Nature is beautiful, especially when there aren't humans everywhere.

Pawel Oziemblowski
No preparation I like such great shots which hasn't been touched by photoshop or any other digital manipulation. This one is fabulous.

Florian Schmidt
Really Beautiful

coke h
5 Things 1 good foto. 2 Y can see its clouds. 3 Camel be4 y write or even think such things about Jay`s ability to see ....look at a few of her fotos. If y did then you cant see. (pointy finger ). 4 The word perfect came only from your finger(s). 5 Margie .......Nice 1 . Good night world i`m going to bed. coke h

Ira Crummey
Awesome grandeur I really like the light dancing the surfaces, the ambiguity of the setting only adds to the mystery of the image. Clouds or surf does not change the impact of the image. Good work.

rudi van nieuwenhuyzen
Nice....but ! You have to be there, on the right moment. One have to climb (and suffer !) for taking pictures like this. It's a good picture but nothing special. To me composition is OK. The question of the image has been threated with image software on computer is, in this case, not relevant, as long as there has been no mountains added.

Ken Kramer
I think it's an outstanding photo. Some people standing around on the mountain tops throwing their beer cans and cigarette butts around would improve it?

Panos K.
Excellent photo. Although this kind of photo has been shot a lot this is a excellent, well done!

Jerry Johanson
Nice shot. Not fabulous, but nice nevertheless. Things I would have done differently. Not necessarily add a human, but the picture lacks a subject or focus. I would have used Gold 100 instead, less contrasty and would hold more details in this given scene than Superia 100. I'd also crop out the bottom 1/5 of the frame, the blackness is a bit too much.

Jack Casner
I like the interplay of light. Composition is good.

Mark Barkasy
Scenic Wow!

bob k
Awesome, but doesn't feel quite perfect. The exposure is wonderful. You caught that balance where you were able to get the rays of light and still keep some detail on the rocks. Most shots would've either silhoutted the rocks or not captured the rays as much. I'm not sure whether I like or dislike the white ocean of clouds on the top. Sharper focus on the background rocks would help.

Mike C
Very nice shot. Excellent exposure.

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