Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Calvin Lee
Really Nice! Ivan, once again a great piece of work. Keep it up.

Vincent K. Tylor
I am your biggest fan. Simply beautiful!

Marc Lund
Clever picture.. like it!! Leaves room for imagination..

Roger Gelfand
Nadya III Beautiful work! Excellent composition, colour and detail

Piotr Kowalik
Very good. Unusual face framing. Good use of dof ..the eye well captured. Well done. Regards PK.

Baldur Birgis
7/7 Great work! One of Many Beautiful photos!!

Josh Cadwising
god, that's beautiful. great use of the colored border to pop the eyes out.

Axel Cordes
Nadya really has great eyes - and you captured her pointing exact to this - this is what portrait is all about I think! Also technically als is done very well, the colors are all on the same level, Hair, Skin, Pullower, Background, also the composition is exact right, and the crop also. Thats the reason for 7/7! Even more it deservs to be POW!

Vlad P.
Outstanding portrait!

Daniel Flather
OK, Those eyes better of been photoshopped. If not, killer eyes!

Hoi Li
eyecatching and excellent presentation.

Walter Hinterberger
Where was she when I was young...Great!!

Allan Wallberg
Very good Ivan!

Chris Spracklen
Superb! A truly engaging portrait ~ the eyes are beautiful, but you're left to wonder about the rest of her face. A nice idea, well executed. Good work!

Tony Gattuso
Stunning Words fail me... I want to be in love with her and be able to take pictures like this. Bravo!

Jean-Sébastien Monzani
Great image, my favourite in this portfolio! The square format works perfectly here. (and thanks for your comment on my work, BTW)

Nickolay Lavrik
Ivan, your portfolios have lots of outstanding works but it's simply impossible not to stop by this one.

Neil Whitaker
Entrancing. Nice color.

whoa!!!! whoa!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry haven't got the right words right now, hope those three whoas will do ;0)

Bert Armijo
THOSE EYES!!! Exceptional!

Jim McNitt
Another superb portrait, Ivan–soft, sensual and a fiendishly unusual DOF.

James Moro
ineffable. Ivan, I truly think you're rivalling that famous national geographic photo of the girl w/ the mysterious green eyes. The extension of the turtle neck adds an oriental feel to the photo, and makes her eyes all the more alluring. Outstanding work!! :)

Kurt Steiner

Dima Oukhov
7/7 !!!

randolph .
Best portrait I've seen so far

Pawel Stradowski
One of my favorites on photo.net What else can I say :-)

pepe alias boulette
very nice...

Superb - I very like this portrait! Paul

Sergio Velho Junior
Magnífico! Great work. Congratulations!

Pramod Kumar
Excellent, Awesome Eyes Focussed Really well, Beautiful Picture 7/7

Lim CH
excellent portrait. like the diffuse and soft tone, eyes are captivating

JF Ochoa
Excellent. (shutter bug is a shutter bug)

Gérard Laurenceau
Magnifique portrait...

Jaap van der Oort
sweather.... beautiful stunning eyes....a black sweather would have accentuated the eyes and face even more....

Michael Huez
amazing!! it's pretty funny because a couple of days ago, i put a picture on where a girl was pulling her sweater over her nose and you can only see the eyes, kind of similar, but differently positioned, and not nearly as good as yours. great work!

Samer Safir
i can call them beautiful eyes...great shot.

Christopher Russell
perfect This photo is in every way, perfect. By far the best photo I've ever seen on this website, and one truly deserving of its ratings.

Steven Sommerfeldt
DOF I love your photo. Everything is well laid out and presented. I have one question. Was the DOF done in camera or photoshop? Either way I think the shot is great, just want to know for myself.

Magesh Balasubramanya
Intrigue Very Nice! Those Eyes are like the tip of the ice-berg.. making one wonder what the whole face of Nadya would be like..Intriguing picture! truly amazing Ivan! :)

Patrick Hart
Jewels in the muff Love this picture! Those eyes are so captivating! Is this studio or outdoor "natural" light? What was your lighting setup? Are her eyes that color or did you use PS?

Amar Khoday

Emrah Icten
so nice potrait ...

Greg Goldstein
Clever! Having an eye opsession that I develop with my models I need to try something of this nature. Beautiful shot and all of your work is to be commended.

Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva
!!!! yesssssssssss!!!!!

Afaque Kalhoro
Mindblowing great work Sir .....no one can escape from beauty of these eyes ...great

ashley brown
its beautiful! it reminds me of a clothing comercial.

Jerry Ting - Fremont/SF Bay Area
7/7 Ivan, this must be the most beautiful portrait that I've ever seen and it really inspired me to try some shots like this. The unusual crop works perfectly here and, my oh my... those green eyes!! I have no words to describe how wonderful this picture is. A true masterpiece.

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Afshin Azizi
excellent photo

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

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