by Sousa Dias Nana

jennifer sousa dias nana

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Published: Sunday 9th of March 2003 10:02:27 PM


Bert Armijo
Very nice work!

Stephen Ellaway
Class You are such a pro. Nana, exquisite lighting and composition, and you always manage to create such stylish and classy form: there is a lovely Spanish Gypsy look about the model, clothing, make up and styling which is all so consumate. Steve

Wes Pettus
Excellent portrait Nana.I love the use of the scarf to create a frame for her eyes.

Nuno Borges
Penetrating eyes!

Carla Maio
what material Your pictures are fabulous. I would very much like to know what material do you use (lighting, backgrounds, etc...). I have an Olympus C4040 (digital) and I canĀ“t get these tones. It seem's I can only take grey pictures. I have no material at all. My lighting source is a window. Once more: fabulous work you do.

J. C. Reeves III

Rena Tsiflidou

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