by Arnold Wolfgang

four ventilator blower fan green red blue seeking arnold wolfgang

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Published: Monday 20th of June 2011 07:20:02 PM


Ray Brizzi

Love it. the colors of the fans perfectly match the colors of the grafitti below


Wolfgang Arnold
Ruud, Vincenzo,

many thanks for your comments.

@Vincenzo: the fans were really coloured. But colours were more worn out in reality - and perspective wasn't perfect in the raw shot. So, besides few other small steps, I primarily corrected perspective and increased saturation of the fans (while keeping saturation of walss and grafiti's more or less untouched).

cheers, Wolfgang

Vincenzo Corbo
Is this real? Or have you tweaked the fan colors? It's an awesome photo. I really like the effect of the different colors.

Ruud Albers

A very nicely composed original shot, Wolfgang!

With best regards,



Ramon Monegal

Hi, Wolfgang.

Interesting shot... Fan colours really made it...!



Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo

Interesting street capture, Wolfgang ... well seen and composed. Regards

lee spencer

very nice work

excellent balance

effective use of an unusual scene

nice colour contrast

front concreate and rail add some depth

little graffiti gives some character


Wolfgang Arnold
Lee, Ramon, Ricardo, Marjolein,

many thanks for your comments!

@Marjolein: you're right, four is kind of a boring number. While taking the photo I didn't think much about the numbers and I just had the time to take one photo and I decided for "balance", pointing directly at the center of the four fans.

Next time I'll visit the site, I might take four further photos with each time one the fan centered

cheers, Wolfgang

Marjolein M.

Wolfgang, I really love this one -- Very originial capture of these urban daisies indeed! You brought out the colors just right, imo,  even with the added saturation the photo doesn't feel overdone at all... Composition-wise, I was wondering if having just 3 daisies (& preferably the red, bue and yellow ones) would be better... However, not really sure though.... as you would lose the 'moon shaped' graffiti mark, as well as that the little structure on the right, which kind of serves as an anchor point in the photo. In any event, a cool capture (literally & figuratively speaking :-)   -- Keen eye, and lovely work, Wolfgang..!

Wolfgang Arnold
four fans... three colours.

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