Female games # 5

by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Published: Thursday 6th of March 2003 04:06:00 AM


John Romanul
Artistic ...the topic looks like be Freudian.
Freudian... it looks artistic.
Well balanced shadows.

Maggie O'Sullivan
nice theme the photos in your folders are great. i love your work. i like a tad more lighting in some but that's just my personal taste. your photos are more like the light i like to live in......that noir look. it's yummy. this image hits several emotions for me......i have been on both sides of this in real life. i prefer the supplicant role tho. your care with the pictures makes the girls look so good....so sexy and sensual without crudeness. that's hard to do. i would die to see big enlargements of some of them, you rock dude. i see where you live and that makes me terribly curious about u. is bdsm well known in russia? i'd love to kno more about u and your work and about your models. where did u learn the art? are they paid models, friends, lovers, ???? you sure have a feel for them in a loving way that makes me want to jump in and be so well photographed myeself. i can see where you might get volunteers to pose for you because you are so good. please do more. i'll shut up now.

Jaap Voets
Nice theme, great photo's

john paskey
Great photo. Very sharp and great color tones/contrast.

Igor Amelkovich

Bert Armijo
Definitely an attention grabbing shot and technically excellent.

Raul Drechsel

Yuri Bonder
Nice work.

Leilani Exner
Your images fascinate me. Nice work.

gregg johnson
I must admit, I like your work. It's technical and sexual. You get right to the point.

Igor Laptev

Jud Dagnall
Very powerful and well done. Regards, Jud

Daniel Barron

Alexandre Goutkin
Wow, wow, wow!

Naked Photographer Paulie Valenti
Bust Cheers for the bust!

Hugh Hill
'Damn those beans were good!' Clasnee.

Pamela Edwards
Very sexy. How do you know such hot models? Wow indeed!

Jack Meehof

George Enache
i think its one of the sexiest photos i've ever seen ! 7/7 no regrets ;) ps: do you need an assistant ? :D

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