Female games # 3

by Amelkovich Igor

female games nude amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Published: Wednesday 5th of March 2003 04:19:32 AM


Lou Verruto
Yikes!! I need to marry this girl like...um..right this very minute!

gregg johnson
I'm impressed. Very creative. The rope around the ankle (maybe). The rope around the neck (maybe). The shears in hand with calfs unseen. Scary. Incognito. Spooky. Bodies nude without showing genitalia. I am very impressed with the caliber of this piece

Rob Rokwell
great tones. The moisture on the skin is fantastic. The prominent veins in the hand holding the shears adds a psychotic effect.

Joel Collins
Great! Great lighting and geometric composition. I'd love to see a large print of this image. I bet you could look at it for a long time -- there is much here for the viewer to think about. For example, is the woman with the shears the captor or liberator? Either way, this image has definately captured my attention. Keep up the good work!

Igor Laptev

Manuel Rincon
Good job!

Adelio D'Abramo
I find it excellent for composition. The poses of the models are marvellous. Great one ...

Xocolatl Theobromide
Total submission (sheeping look) "Uh, what are you planning to do with those tin-snips?" I concur, it's wonderful how you managed to get two nudes in a dom/sub position without giving up anything: erotic without a hint of pornographic, danger without implying pain or fear.

Yuri Bonder
WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

Nuno Borges
Upsetting, isn't it?

Daniel Barron

Rachel Suffian
One of the easiest ways to tell a good photographer from a bad one is by their nudes. You are a great photographer. These are wonderful, creative images and I hope you continue to pursue your art, and transfer this ability to your filmmaking!

Pamela Edwards
Hot it is This is a very, very erotic image, and very well done. Beautiful girls and well photographed - wish I knew models like these! Perhaps it is easier to get them like this if you are a man?

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