Crepe Myrtles in a Row II (B&W)

by Kelly Landrum

crepe myrtles in a row ii bw seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: Clover, SC: An Afternoon in May

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Exif Information:
Make : Canon
Model : Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Date Time Original : 2011-05-15 17:54:11
Focal Length : 100/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/724
Exposure Time : 1/750
Aperture Value : 8.0
F Number : 8.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 1600
Flash : 16
Metering Mode : 3
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows

Published: Thursday 2nd of June 2011 04:39:54 PM


Landrum Kelly

Jamie and Deb,

Thanks for the nice comments.  I have uploaded a version with less contrast, but it might take hours for it to refresh without losing the existing comments.


deb cloud
Crepe Myrtles Are My Favorite Trees...


I simply love the point of view of this image.  The row effect really makes this wonderful.   I agree with E.P. in regard to it being darker or lighter.  I see it as darker so I made my vision appear.  Please let me know what you think of the tad darker version.


Jamie Kraft
you gotta take sides!

you have to let this one be either bright or dark, i think.  as it is, it just looks thin.  it's a lovely picture otherwise.  best, j

Jamie Kraft
Young, Skinny Elvis or Old, Fat Elvis

Either way, if you're going to put him on Velvet, make sure you ScotchGuard it first.  He's sure to leave an oily residue.  Not the first time that Contax G Pages has been hacked.  Must be a major badge of honour for a hacker, compromising such a high-security site.  Some of the members have expressed hostility  at the miserable virgin who clearly needs a hobby.  best, j

Jamie Kraft

It may take a while for PhotoNet to refresh image versions, and that may be among the least of it's many problems, but the Contax G Pages site got hacked and taken over last night.  My Goodness!  The uploaded version is perfect, but people will like it better with more chocolate, I mean more contrast.  People always like more chocolate, I mean contrast.  Why do I keep doing that??  Chocolate and contrast aren't the same, are they???

Landrum Kelly

Thanks, Stephen: the rule of [triangulated] thirds, perhaps?  Or is it fourths?

Jamie, we both know that most people really do not want reality in their pictures.  They want Elvis on Velvet or the esthetic equivalent.  Reality is too often plain vanilla.

Contax G forum hacked?  Now that has got to be vandalism pure and simple.  Curious target, though. . . .


Stephen Penland

E.P. and D.C. expressed the thought that immediately came to my mind when I saw the thumbnail (and confirmed with the full photo).  I think Deb's editing works well (or maybe slightly darker).  The composition is one of several triangles, and it's quite nice.

Landrum Kelly
Crepe Myrtles in a Row B&W Comments welcome.


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