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by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Thursday 2nd of June 2011 03:27:05 AM


Gabriel Malec

Great pose, I really like this B&W Photo. 6/6!

well done, Gabriel


David McCracken

I do too! Great black and white work!

Mike Palermiti


Creative image, indeed.

I am particularly pleased by this posting because the Hasselblad film camera still demonstrates it domination over the smaller formats.

I have the Carl Zeiss 150F4 , also. In fact , I have all the Haselblad  lens. I use mine mounted to my Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.

 It is a superb lens , as shown in the high definition of your image.

Great job.

Regards,  Mike

Salvador Penaloza

Excellent work, I like the light and symmetry of the body, congrats and best wishes // Salvador 

Leon Roijen

Excuse me... I never saw a thing like this as this..... ??

Glenn Stear

I love this image! The lighting is perfect for this type of shot. OK, so we all know what this is and it's usually seen right way up. What a great way to pose it. Should be Photo of the week.

Paul Casagrande

Speciale creatività !

Rod Smith

Beautiful shot. It reminds me of the Greek farmer who planted vagina seedlings and ended up with "Acropalips"

Leon Roijen

Dirty. 0/0.

Michael C
Awesome... 7/7!!!

Osincev Anatoly


Leon Roijen

@Daniel: my reaction has nothing to do with being puritanical, that's ridiculous.

If you look at my favorite images, you can see I added a few nude photographs. Ok, they are of males, but if I were straight, they could have been of females.

I see a lot of tasteful nudes of both women and men here on Mind you, I said of women and men. The above picture is just a vagina, nothing else. And that I call dirty. It has nothing to do with being puritanic. Such a picture is for me not different from a guy who puts a picture of his dick on a dating site. If that is what I want, I go to such a dating site and enjoy the pictures, but don't call it art just because it's here on and was (probably) made with some fancy camera.

Had it been a collage of different vagina's for example, like I remember collages of penises of all colors and sizes, cut and uncut and so on, then it could have been interesting... but not more than a naked vagina... Dirty!

Daniel Kennedy

Ignore Leon's puritanical knee-jerk reaction. Your work is always inspired for a primarily nudes photographer, a difficult genre to innovate in! This is confronting in content but brilliantly executed in composition, exposure and symmetry. Well done!

Igor Amelkovich

Some vaginas are absolutely pure. This one for example.

Sweid Sideris

Impressive photograph, in every senses. Bold concept and technically flawless. I should learn to create images with this quality.

About the reactions of the observers on the main subject, well, there are a wide range of it, but as far as I can see opinions are similar to the ass, every people has one.

I respect it, of course, but I don't feel comfy when something is qualified as "dirty" or "clean". Two extremes, then, never fair.

Perhaps dirty or clean is the mind of people in front of whatever, not a simple image in itself.

Leon, I am surprised, among other things you said "....The above picture is just a vagina, nothing else. And that I call dirty..." Explain your concept please, is it dirty just because it is a vagina? Is it a moral statement or a simple matter of personal taste?

Too lineal, primitive concept, sorry.

Imho dirty are the hundreds of images of soldiers proudly exposed with their weapons. From vaginas come out the life, from weapons death, and suffering of people.

I give it a 7/7. 

Mark Harris

I thought I had commented on this earlier. Sorry, Igor, I meant to.

Some vaginas are absolutely pure. This one for example.

I would expand that and say the vulva, the vagina is an internal organ, is a beautiful part of the female anatomy. Since its function is almost exclusively reproductive, there is a stigma is showing this area of the body. I have been working on finding a way to photograph this in an artistic way using lightpainting and macro-photography. Recently I did a session using flash with macro and it worked much better. I have two in my gallery and will post one for critique soon.

On this photograph, I love the lighting and the composition. The photograph is beautiful and you should both be proud of the result.

Gonzalo Saavedra

Great shoot, composition and lighting is great. Very original too. Love your work.


Andrew Piotrowski

Only You could take such an outstanding image. 10/10

Anesh P
nice composition and execution

I dont believe one should refer to a photo of a human body as "dirty".  Especially one that is as well executed as this.

Abu Naser

Its simply fantastic ... Lighting, pose, I like it

Kristina Buceatchi

It's a relief of human body. And it's made artistical, with good control of light and darkness. I don't think it's a photo of "vagina". It's artistically presented part of woman's body.
Good done.

Blaine Crowther

Nice. We all know what it is, yet it's very organic...not quite floral, yet that's what comes to mind. Something Weston might have done if it were allowed.

Pajoel Bezner

You've certainly created a provacative photo. With all the comments positive and one in particular negative, I applaud your posting it here for critique.

In my opinion, your execution is flawless.  Light, balance and clarity. Well done.

I also believe that there is no more beautiful flower than a woman's genitalia.

Bravo! Thank you for sharing.

Vernon Jenewein
Interesting contrast of the black background and the tonal quality. Body is body but this view is rarely seen like this. In color it would have been lost.

Igor Amelkovich
Body # 116 I like it. And you?

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