Dangerous games.

by Amelkovich Igor

dangerous games nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 25th of February 2003 10:11:48 AM


James Oluoch-Olunya
Original Love your style! Truly inspiring

Timo Hartikainen
Ouch! It's an excellent photo!

Zibadun --
I admire you as a photographer and I'm not a photo.net police, but I think you and Bonder can get in trouble for continually giving reciprocal 7/7 ratings. It's only a matter of time before some one will report you and all your ratings will be reset. Best regards. zibadun

Igor Laptev

Ian Macdonald
Quite terrifying - & I'm a man. Great detail & tone in the image. Excellent.

Blagoy Tsenkulov
Separated by a day, separated by a century Amazing photo, Igor! No less expressive than the Emil's portrait, though they are mutually incompatible and just can not be compared. The idea is very strong (on a deep psychological ground) and that strong is its visual implementation. The specific and far from classic beauty of the model (especially the hands!) makes this image an exquisite example of the modern photography. ps. The ring? Blago

Stephen Geoffrey Clarke
YEP YEP, you got my attention-great shot, well done

Blagoy Tsenkulov
I am asking/hesitating about it, Igor. I like the pure forms of the model and feel the ring is redundant. Maybe. Blago

Igor Amelkovich
Thank all. You really approve a ring?

Janis Barbars

Enrico Pocopagni
comment to Dangerous games. Hello Igor, I find splendid the dark metal skin tone, very dramatic and well balanced by the true metal surface of the scissors. greetings.

Thomas Wenger
Interesting pose. The nipple looks like it is made from steel and would need such harsh treatment. I too was drawn to the ring... counted fingers... nope not wedding ring... hmm. Well at least it made me think. But I don't know if it adds to the picture.

Simone Maria Navarra
I like the ring, but maybe I don't get what it means (if it does) so removing it can be an option. Strong image, probably too much for me :) Simone

Gurpreet Singh Bhasin
chilling. glad you have not used a guy;-)

Alexandre Goutkin

Jesper de Jong
Ouch!! You have some very strong images in this folder, really powerful nudes!!

Rico Cottrell

upon seeing this image, I sucked in my breath. 

Igor Amelkovich
Dangerous games. Is this games dangerous?

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