Belle Époque #2

by Sousa Dias Nana

belle poque sousa dias nana

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Published: Monday 24th of February 2003 11:34:26 PM


Michael Branciforte
Very nice composition. The lighting is great and the pose is very nice.

Lou Verruto
Excellent. Very different and unique.

Piotr Kowalik
Hi .I like it. Good pose, I wish there was some smoke from cigarette ...Still a good shot. Regards PK

shay sh
waiting very good one just looking at it make me take a deep breath in for fresh air !

Ri©k Vincent
I see the smoke from the cigarette although it is a very fine trail of smoke. Take a closer look or adjust your monitor Piotr. Excellent exposure. The shadows were well lit and provide just the right amount of detail. I also enjoy your choice of composition. Aesthetically a 7 as I cannot find any faults.

Jose Santos
Great pose and perfected lightining

Marc G.
I really love this one. I wanted to compare it with your other version, but your folder just takes an hour to download. Suggestion: why not separate in 2 folders your landscape work and your people work for example ? Close to 100 pictures on the same page requires hell of a time... Anyway, congrats again for this one. Cheers.

this is great! clinical execution! light and tones are just gorgeous..

John Peri

Bill Angel
This image, in terms of subject matter, is suggestive of photography from Germany during the Weimar Republic. The similarity could be enhanced if the sharpness of the image were reduced somewhat, and the contrast increased. After all, high speed lenses and films weren't as good back then as they are now.

Adrian Maniutiu
truly a masterpiece. nothing else to add !!! my regards,

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