by Sousa Dias Nana

forte cokin orange pentax smc fish eye mm x fort sousa dias nana

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Published: Sunday 23rd of February 2003 01:37:06 AM


Ray Watson
I on the other hand really like the plant where it is. Brings a sense of size and proportion to the scene. Nice work.

Bill Angel
I find the presence of the plant on the right distracting and uninteresting, and am surprised that you chose to include it.

John McLaine
Wonderful picture.

Alessandro Rossi
Molto Forte!!! Italian for "very strong" Great.

david solomon
Moody atmosphere, almost scarry.

Regina Chayer
WOW! A very impressive shot.

Scott Bulger
Interesting omments about the plant on the right. I'm going to join the camp that says keep it in. I like the way it curves into the frame. It keeps my eye from bouncing out of that corner, kind of like a visual roadblock. Excellent image, well handled. Thanks you Nana for posting.

Sean Depuydt
Beautiful composition and mood. I also like the plant. Very nice job

Piotr Kowalik
Hi It is a beautiful shot. Full of mood. Including the extra elements which add to overall feel was a good decision. The only thing which stried me since I have seen it was a bright outline around the building , mostly left part of it . Still a great job. Best Regards PK

Robert Chura
All your images are amazing! I think the plant is great for this shot!

James Nelson
Keep the plant

Dario D
very impressive nice composition and angle

Baldur Birgis
The clouds and the plant work well together and are a part of a very good composition. Superb image.

Imade Jerhidri
Absolutly beautiful! I love your work

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