Cliff #2

by Sousa Dias Nana

cliff wista dxii cokin red kodak t max nikon w f sousa dias nana

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Published: Sunday 23rd of February 2003 01:32:24 AM


Vlad P.
Amazing composition.

Luis Saavedra
Nice textures It's amazing!! beautiful gradiations and nice tones

Igor Laptev

Jud Dagnall
Beautiful range of tones in this image. The composition is excellent, and the subject is unusual. All in all, bravo! :) Regards, Jud

Janis Barbars
cool. looks like ice formation

Gaetan Chevalier
Great creativity!

Lou Verruto
So nice!

Alessandro Rossi
Do you print your own pictures? man, you know what you are doing!

Stephen Ellaway
Steve Ellaway Now you're just showing off Nana!

DAMN, THIS IS A NICE PICTURE! oooops, can i say damn over here? oh well, i guess in your case i can =0)

Bert Armijo
A superbly crafted image.

Matt Miller
Fantastic The way you've captured the texture & soft lighting is great. A print in hand would be something to see. Almost 3D.

Brad Kim
Great as always, Nana !!!!!

Louis McCullagh - Belfast
Outstanding. I would love to see this as a print. From the thumbnail I couldn't figure if it was possibly an inverted image / infrared or such. Louis

Richard van Hoesel
Fantastic shot - beautiful composition and skillful treatment of the light. Was it any good in colour?

Alex Hawley
This is as good as it gets. Perfect tones combined with stunning composition.

William Lawless
Clifff Really catches the eye. Some mystery too.

Deepak Barua
Very nicely done. Beautifully composed and exposed. Great range of tonality. The stone looks almost soft the way it has been slightly overexposed. Any dodging/burning here?

Vishal Moondhra
Let me add to the chorus of praise. One of the best uses of BW I have seen. Brilliant. - Vishal.

Boonwed Teo
Great shot! Excellent toning, very eyes catching.

G .
Is the rock carved out by the sea? Amazing formation, and fabulously executed capture.

Chris Blaszczyk

Dan Bliss
Wow. I love this photo.

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