Papoa #4

by Sousa Dias Nana

papoa sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Friday 21st of February 2003 05:41:15 PM


Franco Berazza
Fantastic b/w!!

Stephen Ellaway
Steve Ellaway Wonderful dramatic moment Nana, both the timing and the beautiful rich monochrome tones that you get in your are a great technician and one hell of a photographer. Steve

Jose Santos
Great Photo Nana. This is what we call Art

Manuel Rincon
These are the pictures that let me learn!

John McLaine
I want to see it large, small screen doesn't do it justice. I suspect the print is fabulous!

c tr
Loved the pictures and the seascapes. This picture captured attention, love it, excellent composition, but there is something that just doesn't make it perfect to me. I guess the lack of contrast in the rest of the scene is to make the pounding wave pop-out? My eyes are looking for slightly more exposure of the land and some contrast in the sky.

Jean-Michel Nunes da Silva
all your book on the see-side-landscape is wonderfull - I saw also some very good portraits you did.

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