Blue Flame

by Adamus Marc

blue flame seeking critique adamus marc

Gallery: THE VISUAL JOURNEY - Gallery I

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Sunday 17th of April 2011 04:02:33 AM


Neil Jolly

A brilliant, innovative, abstract Marc! Don't stop pushing the limits!

All the best,

Adrienne Garden
I have made images of reflections in meandering stream like this, but never like this! An impressive work. Surely there are others that think so. Why don't the say so!

Sreehari Sundararajan

Nice thought and well executed...!!!

niki barbati

what a lovely reflection.... very good

Wolfgang Arnold

Agree to Adrienne - this is an impressive photo. It's colours, depth of field and almost abstract composition attract my eyes here.

@Marc: and thanks for sharing your ideas and key steps in creating this photo.

- Wolfgang

Svetlana Korolyova

Very interesting natural phenomenon!

Wanghan Li

Fabulous.  Amazing.  Art.

Marc Adamus
Reflected.....? Reading this after trying to figure out what's shown here? This is a 200mm shot of salt flats in the early morning in Death Valley. There's a variety of streams crossing through the flat which is rendered slightly blue by the strong gold color temperature of reflected light in the water. The reflected light comes from mountains in the distance catching the first rays of sunrise. The reason this reflected light fills the entire scene is not because the mountains were twenty thousand feet high, but rather because I compressed the scene at a very low angle with a long lens and then blended five images together for the extreme depth of field needed. Those images covered the areas depicted here, which ranged from 15ft to over half a mile away. Everything was shot at f/16. Since I previsualized this and witnessed the scene with my eyes, I didn't want the camera to have the final say in what can be sharp and what can't, hence the blending.

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