by Charles Jonathan

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Gallery: Outdoor portraits & nudes 1970-73

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Published: Thursday 13th of February 2003 12:47:51 AM


Larry Lowe
Great play of the light on the water drops, your composition and mastery...who am I kidding? Those are fantastic breasts and a very erotic photo. Very nice.

artistic nudes
this is a great shot. her breasts, the water on her breasts, the background, the cropping, it's all great. the only thing i would change is the hair. i think this shot would be as perfect as the shot of her bottom if the hair had been pulled out of the way.

David Montroy
Classic photo. It reminds me the journal "PHOTO" in the 80ths.

Hassan Asgari
Hassan Very Butiful

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Angel Pena
Sexy to death.

Pete Scott
Great Photo This photo is fabulous. Could I get a high res full size copy ? Also, love the waterfall photo, very erotic.

robert stefano

Jacynthe Harel
Very nice Beautiful photograph

Raymond Borg
I have gone through your portfolio and I can say you have so many great shot. This one is my favorite. I like the play of light the droplets and the tight crop. The only thing I would consider is to change the position of the hair. I would prefer to remove the hair form the chest. Congrats.

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