by Soini Hannu

spring plumage macro still life grouse tetrix black teeri tetrao soini hannu

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Published: Tuesday 5th of April 2011 08:44:12 AM


Hannu Soini
Thank You Indraneel !

For your comment and kind words, I am glad you like the photo.

br Hannu

Indraneel Majumdar

Lovely display of color and texture. Love the details. Very beautiful!

Hannu Soini
Thank You Bob!

For commenting -I am glad to note that you like the photo. Hope to provide more similar in the future. br Hannu

Bob Belanger

Colors and textures, my thoughts exactly.  Nice closeup.

Hannu Soini
Thank You Sadegh !

 For your kind comment ! Your Feathers collection is really outstanding and enjoyment to the eye.

br Hannu


Sadegh Miri
Hi Hannu,

This is very nice work and is exactly what I really like and one of my favorite subjects.Thanks for sharing and your comment on one of my photos.


Best Regards Sadegh


Ps: I have a folder in my portfolio named "Feathers" check it its a nice collection!

Hannu Soini
SPRING patient Teeri-Tetrao tetrix-Black Grouse - on close inspection.C&C&R the way you feel best.

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