Summer Reflections

by Soini Hannu

summer reflections reflect seeking critique soini hannu

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Category: Abstract

Exif Information:
Model : u1030SW,S1030SW
Date Time Original : 2009-06-12 23:00:17
Focal Length : 653/100
Exposure Time : 1/320
F Number : 4.1
Iso Speed Ratings : 80
Flash : 9
Metering Mode : 5
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Version 1.0

Published: Thursday 31st of March 2011 08:48:24 PM


Victor Wei

Wow, I had to enlarge this to see what it really is showing.

Fantastic composition.

Linda McLellan

Aha. I see it now. :-)

Linda McLellan

Wow. This is crazy! and I mean that in the best way possible. I have no idea what that reflected object on the left is, but it is fantastic, and that circular ripple...!!!

Hannu Soini
Thank you Linda !

For your kind words. Well I thought it was is a person looking into water...cap, hair and all:)  - trees on the other side...:)

Hannu Soini
Thank you !

- Linda – sense of humor and ability to see things in a different way seem to go hand in hand…:)

- Victor – thank you for your kind words. So, true- sometimes images appear clearer when in thumbnail size, some require enlargement;)


Drew Bayless
Summer Reflections !! !!

Hannu Soini
Thank You Drew !

For commenting - I am glad you like the reflections:) br Hannu

Hannu Soini
Summer hopes Approaching Summer reflected. C&C&R the way you feel best. Thank you.

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