Agricultural secrets # 23

by Amelkovich Igor

agricultural secrets nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 23rd of March 2011 06:06:26 AM


Craig Jenkins

You are a Man among men.  Thanks for sharing.

Pierre Dumas
Absolutely great!


Vlad Gansovsky

Tak studenti i hodoli na kartoshku !

Michael C

I love this shot Igor... the way you oiled her body, the angle, her pose and expression, and most of all, the great contrast!  Super job!

Larry Lynch

How does one critique an artist with so many great works?  This photo is wonderful, though not as elegant as many that have proceeded it.  Elegance (or lack of it) is strictly a personal taste.  A++

David Barstow

Another beautiful image from the 'Master Of The Genre'!

Strong, beautiful and industrious... what a way to increase agricultural production...

David McCracken
No words needed!

The joy of farming. Nothing to say here. I am just here to admire.

Josef Ludwig

Great shot and perfect work from both. BR Josef

Igor Amelkovich
Agricultural secrets # 23 Hot sun, red filter and silver peflector.

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