Bourbon Mistral

by Grepstad Lars

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Published: Thursday 3rd of March 2011 04:16:07 PM


James (Jim) Johnson
Lars, Were you also at sea here? Too rough for my pleasure! Been in the North Atlantic on a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier in rough seas, . . . "I can feel the next swell!" Nice action! Regards, Jim j.

Janis OKelley

Beautiful shot!   Almost scary!   Where were you?

Lars Grepstad

Thanks a lot for your comments!

I was on a FPSO (floating production and storage) vessel. I was lucky. This is a new design of supply vessel, and this one was on standby for offloading to us in a hurricane. The wind was more than 60 knots when the image was taken. A bit shaky at our vessel too..

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