by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Saturday 1st of February 2003 03:30:50 PM


Guillermo Labarca
I hope too that your comoputer and scanner will work again. Anyhow I like this one, the composition, colors, pose. It is witty and funny somehow, a joyfull image. A couple of things would make it better, for one her suntan, I dont like that you can see it, but perhaps that is only me. The second rhing is that the white column needs more detail, I guess that a gobo would have helped here since the lighting is right for the rest of the image, I dont think that it could be improved by dodging only. Nice to see you again.

John Peri
I have several new works on which I would enjoy to have your feedback, but my scanner is not working for the moment and the computer crashes everytime it's switched on ... I guess the problem will be solved one day ....

Alberto Conde
Purity and simplicity are always a plus in photography IMO. Here you excel, John!

Detlef Klahm
design of human and man made shape work so well together in this image

John Peri
I think you a right Rita. Maybe more of it or none of it. Thanks.

i like the way you cropped this picture, makes it so original. The only thing that i would have fixed though would be the brown base at the bottom of the picture, i think i would have got rid of it. other than that....EXCELLENT SHOT!

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