Everyone Knows It's Wendy['s]--Test Shot (hand-held) of Sony NEX-3

by Kelly Landrum

everyone knows its wendys test shot hand held of kelly landrum

Gallery: CAMERA TEST SHOTS--SONY NEX-3 Hand-held shots

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Published: Saturday 12th of February 2011 06:33:41 AM


Landrum Kelly

Always ask, Jamie!  Always ask!  Remember what happened to me back in October when I tried to shoot a guy's building without his permission. . . .


Jamie Kraft
North Carolina seems so friendly

you'd get a negative reaction in a lot of places.

Tony Hadley

Lovely smile and I will remember to ask. Most times that I ask, I get a `no thanks`` perhaps i have to fine tune my technique. Do you think `you look fabulous - could i take a photo for my camera club`? would work?

Drew Bayless


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