With mom

by Prakarsa Rarindra

with mom rays light mother village happyness indonesia morn prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: The Kids VIII

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Published: Friday 11th of February 2011 11:09:08 AM


David Barstow

The misty, blue mood is striking.  But I find the juxtaposition of colors and stripe direction on their clothing especially pleasing and noteworthy.  Very well done!

Kaur Lass

Extraordinary moment in amazing light. Truly beautiful.

Elena Pencheva

Very emotional photo... with fantastic light! Bravo!

Benaz Mistry

fabulous exposure! and the light is just amazing.

Harsha Herle

Great one. Splendid use of lighting. Could you please share a few tips on how you went about clicking this. The Exif information is also absent.



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