Body # 24

by Amelkovich Igor

body nude amelkovich igor

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Published: Saturday 25th of January 2003 10:34:49 AM


Bruce Chynoweth
Igor, well done! I have liked your work here for a while. We have somewhat similar style's I put up a bodyscape close to this the other day. I like your use of oil. I vary on the use of oil, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Keep up the good work, I love seeing your work!

Yuri Bonder

Konrad Brzozowski
great light

Marek Slusarczyk
Very good Interesting reflections


Bert Armijo
Simply wonderful!

artistic nudes
when i saw this image it made me go back to another image that you have posted that reveals this much detail from the back instead of the front. i am going to cut and paste the same remarks that i made on that photo over to this photo because it makes me feel the same way. "amazing. you find this detail in anatomy books but it comes off academic. you find this detail in adult magazines but it comes off pornographic. your shot is neither. your shot makes you want to celebrate the human body for what it is. your shot is art."

R. A.
Wow... in spanish is "Buenoooo".

Sandy Green-Arango

Brad Kim
Excellent composition and great tones, Igor.... Very powerful yet extremely beautiful....

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