by Suayan Kyo

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Published: Saturday 23rd of December 2000 08:06:35 AM


kevin finerty
very nice....but, photoshop i am not taking away from this, i hope you respond though. i just started using photoshop a bit - i found the burn tool useful on b&w's to give some more contrast to rocky/snowy mtn. tops. did you use that here? looks obvious to me, but i don't want to assume. have you found any better tricks to 1)affect a smaller area, 2) burn backgrounds behind items like the tree branches w/o taking away from the branch and 3)make it less obvious in general? thanks for the wonderful photos you've put up - very inspirational.

Craig Kunitsky
Half Dome's Beauty I love the reflection of half dome. I have been to yosemite, but never made it over to this part.

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