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Published: Saturday 23rd of December 2000 07:59:23 AM


Joseph Hall
Did you intentionally try to parody one of those "balloon race seen from below" photos? Because I think this does a wonderful job of that!

Mark Ci
Pretty good, I think. Maybe the upper jellyfish could have used a little more light, but it's an interesting image.

eric sarti
nice - It would be even better if taken in the real ocean. It is a little dark on top left, and overall. I'm sure the slide looks a little better. I would like to know what shutter speed and fstop this was taken from. But, this inspires me to bring my canon w/ 50f1.4 to monterey next time.

Tony Rowlett
Interesting! Reminds me of the North America, South America, and Europe, and Austrailia if you look at it just right.

Scott Eaton
exellent Neat shot....facinating. However, why are the Jelly fish orange and the water purple? I've never seen they look this way in real life?

Tom Klancer
Nice shot! Were you able to take a tripod into the aquarium? I was in the Monterey Bay aquarium for a private event in january and didn't have a tripod -- very few of my jellyfish shots turned out the way I wanted... :( And yes, that is what they look like in real life. Philip Greenspun has some nice shots from the aquarium in his guide to California, as well.

Evrim Icoz
How about these? small jelly
and similar to these
These were in Newport, OR.

Jeff Loomis
Double Success This image is really nice in that it succeeds as a graphic composition and gives us a good documentary view of its subject. The only criticism I have is to echo one of the previous commentors that the top left is a bit dark, especially in contrast with the lower right.

Silvina Picco
Wow! Now I'd want to be there! I like the dark top left, it makes the orange a little more brilliant. Very nice shot.

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