MS Dixie II

by Suayan Kyo

ms dixie ii suayan kyo

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Published: Saturday 23rd of December 2000 07:58:10 AM


Paul Trunfio
this one really caught my eye.. .i wonder if you have any other frames of this same subject... maybe shifting your 30 degrees to the right so you can see more of the boat?

Thang Hoang
I would love to have this on my wall This is the type of picture that I would love to have on my wall. It's a nice, calming scene with absolutely beautiful color.

Tommy Huynh
Looks like a sunset filter. Does anybody list their use of filters anymore?

Noshir Patel
Was a filter used on this one? Graduated red maybe?

Rickey Andrew Mead
Great shot, nice color I wish you would have given tech details though. lens, filters ?

Igor Sepic
Aesthetics 8, Originality 7 Beutifull colours, composition maybe, just maybe, a little bit to geometric. I love the feeling of it. Makes me go there and try to take some photos myself...

Forrest Croce
Composition Everyone has it right. The colors and mood are great, but the composition is too centered.

Umit D
Why should't a composition be centered? BTW this is not centered at all. I seldom see a good pic taken with colored grad, this is one of them.

Ibi Al-Ani
I just love this one. thanx Kyo

David Dunn
Nice one. I like this shot, but the filter I feel is a little heavy. Do you have the same shot without the Grad?

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