Sandy #4

by Sousa Dias Nana

sandy kodak t max nikon w f wista dxii sousa dias nana

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Published: Thursday 23rd of January 2003 04:58:46 AM


Joaquim Chitas
Another good portrait.

Verna Bice
Nana you have an excellent body of works...very good!

Guillermo Labarca
You dont need to be told that this, and all of your photos, are very good. My comment here is about niceties. I think that there is an improvement between this photo and Sandy #3, as far as the space between her hands here has more detail, I missed that in #3. But the gloveless hands in #3 attract more interest making the whole photo more interesting. The contrast between the naked hands ant the dark clothes play very well. Anyhow, the concept is great and, obviously, the execution as well.

Jörg Gründler
These three photos are so fine - fine art! That`s the kind of b&w photography I`m fascinated from! There are a lot of wonderful pictures in your folder but the last three... stunning, amazing...

Alexei Gourianov
Truly splendid living portrait! Well done!

Steve S
my favorite ? I'm not sure that I can pick which shot I like best in your folder, there are so many stunning images...
the quality of this image is wonderful, I admire your style and how the look and feel of your images are so consistent throughout your folder...
thanks for so clearly showing me the road I'd like to travel...

James Vincent Knowles
SI SI SI STRIKING / EXQUISITE / SUPERLATIVE / SUPERLATIVE... Great exposure with so much black! The eyes just KILL me! Magnificent!

Harald Deis
Excellent! This is the best photograph i saw in the last months. Classic.

Maria Iancu

Markos George Hionos
An amazing classic black and white portrait !!! - perfect for editorial photography - my regards

Axel Bueckert
simply perfect!

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