White Mountains Stock Photos New Hampshire Farm

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

white mountains stock photos new hampshire farm seeking critique harrington usa massachusetts j


Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Friday 22nd of December 2000 02:56:50 AM


Anton Dan
GOOD CALENDAR PHOTO. That's an honest good shot without any obvious technical flaws. It is also beautiful. What puzzles me is not the wide range of ratings (which doesn't make sense either) but the lack of any comments, for 28 ratings. That only proves, that the quality of photo.net members has reached its bottom. Nobody is interested anymore in critique. This is supposed to be an art, not a market oriented site, where fierce competition is pushing forward the winner. All members should benefit from this site, not only the high rated ones. I wouldn't say that the managers of this site have no contribution to this situation. They surely are equally guilty of this situation. In fact they are the only winners.

Ken Imduaikiat
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Lovely sky.. and those threes on the upper right corner make this pic more interesting. Very well composed..

Michael Werneburg
I like it. Interesting choice of arrangement, nice colours (without Velvia overkill!).

Alex Milarakis
An excellent photo with perfect composition. Congrats !

Kathy B.
Hey, I really like it! :O)

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Sugar Hill, New Hampshire Comments and ratings appreciated

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