Still life - Blood Orange

by Barman Dilip

still life blood orange barman dilip

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Published: Sunday 19th of January 2003 09:21:32 AM


Peter Daalder
Excellent eye-grabbing pic, Dilip! The left hand side causes me lots of lack-of-dof-distress, though...

Vanja Radovanovic
A nice experiment with macro, but the image carries no massage.

Peter Daalder
OK, second (longer) look... I'll post a second comment, rather than removing, or changing my first one. This is an attractive macro, there is no doubt in my mind about that. Vanja thinks that there is no message here. The same could be said about the current POW, unless you are willing to look further than just past your nose. I like the way you have illuminated the subject, it really makes it look juicy and appealing. The red spokes draw my eye to the brightest part of this image, where the pith can be found, in the middle. A message could be "good health", as these and many fruits are excellent for us! I wrote earlier that the depth of field caused me lots of distress. OK, that was last night and today I'm taking into consideration that this is a macro. The DOF has to start and end somewhere... Your choice of focus is probably the best one to be made in this situation. I like the gradual toning of the background, but that bright area just above nine 'o clock (which appears to backlight the orange in one spot), caused my eye to return to the left hand side and concentrate on the out-of-focus parts - a mild distraction, if you like..., or maybe just a pithy... ;-) Cheers,

Dilip Barman
Thanks for your comments, Peter Yes, I see your point about the "9 o'clock spotlight". The picture was taken on my dining table with a bouquet of balloons behind it; I was wondering whether the colors might help. They didn't - until I applied a large Gaussian blur. I just experimented with removing the spot of brightness from the back lighting, but am not sure I like the result better.

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