The view of Martapura River early morning. Popular for its floating market.

by Prakarsa Rarindra

the view of martapura river early morning popular lok baintan pasar apung kalsel market floating ind prakarsa rarindra

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Tags: lok baintan pasar apung kalsel market floating indonesia borneio

Category: Journalism

Published: Tuesday 25th of January 2011 11:34:11 AM


Grant newland

Beautiful!!! Rarindra

Sumon Mukherjee

Amazing composition with fantastic color tonality. Best rating...Best regards.

Bob Sandford

it adds so much that the boats are pointed to the horizon.

David Barstow

Absolutely beautiful!  However, I do have a suggestion...

The tower and the other bits above the roof-line on the right detract somewhat from the 'naturalness' of the scene.  You might want to consider removing them... as in the example provided.  Of course if you intended to show this exactly as seen then ignore my suggestion... ;-)

What we see when we compose a shot is often not quite what we 'felt' at the moment.  It is usually good to try to reflect what you felt, even if some small alterations are need to do so. IMHO...

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