St. Sulpice prayers, Paris.

by puckett joie

st sulpice prayers paris seeking critique puckett joie

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Published: Saturday 18th of January 2003 07:40:32 AM


D. Tamron
Simple, elegant, humble. This is a refreshing, very original image. My eyes follow the lines, down and to the left, to the focal point, the boots. From the boots I feel this is a woman, a vogue, sheek woman. A vogue, sheek woman who happens to be a pious woman. An oxymoron? Simple, elegant, humble.

joie puckett
intrusion versus respect. Do the boots seem dis-embodied? I know with my composition, there's no body to go with the feet, but this allows for the anonymity of the subject. I believe it supports the spiritual nature of the shot, by respecting this person's moment.

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