Self-portrait with Honey, Thanksgiving Weekend, 1977

by Kelly Landrum

self portrait with honey thanksgiving weekend seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Saturday 22nd of January 2011 06:09:20 PM


Diane Hooper

What a great shot - man, dog and snow!

Rajat Poddar


deb cloud
Lannie... This was your bio pic when I first rec'd a comment from you regarding my little Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Josie. When I think of you my friend, this the the image I always see in my thoughts. Thanks for bringing it back as it made me smile. deb

Landrum Kelly

Thank you, Deb and Samme.

Yep, Honey and I were true soul mates.


Jack McRitchie
We were young once, werem't we, Lannie. Confident, full of hope, lost in dreams and sure of ourselves. I was 34 that year.

deb cloud
Lannie... I think there is a time in our lives that we always reflect upon when we think back of who we are and where we have come from. I think this is that time in your life that defines who you were and where you were going. I like this image very much and when I look into your eyes I see the Lannie you were and have become! deb

Landrum Kelly

I was thirty-two, Jack, in my first year of full-time teaching.

Ah, the illusions. . . .


Landrum Kelly
With Honey, Thanksgiving Weekend, 1977 Self-portrait with Honey, made with camera sitting on rock.


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