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Published: Friday 17th of January 2003 04:11:10 AM


Verna Bice
Now this is "Art"

Desmond du Mont
Love the contrast... Love the title... Love the composition... Great title. Super image...

Guillermo Labarca
I like it. It is posed and looks like it, this is one of your strongest qualities, to have a clearly posed image that is interesting. (You share that quality here in P.N. with E. Perfidio). It is difficult to produce a posed image that does not look a fake. Congr..

Marc G.
:-)) Great... I couldn't hold back a smile when I saw the title... This is very original and powerful. Aesthetics are great and the contrast works very well. I might have personally wished for a bit more light to just see a bit better the outline of the chest - a reflector maybe -, but it certainly isn't a must. Then 2 very small details, the thumb of the top hand and the hair next to it - not really distracting though...

Highly interesting image... Regards.

Igor Amelkovich
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yes!!!!!!!

Eolo Perfido
Darkness.. I like it a lot..

Iason Faennos
Thank You for your photos. You are so creative!

Leilani Exner
Love the title, love the portrait. Nice work.

Fernando Correia
This is Great!

Lou Korell
I don't think the negative assessment above is fair. It may be a posed picture, but so what - isn't that part of the trade of photography. Are the critics saying that Vogue photographers never produce anything artistic? Or any of the other magazine shooters? Take a look at Annie L's photos. Compared to say, Bresson,Kertesz, etc. hers are cold too - but still very well done.

Miguel Mealha
Original to me.

Jörg Gründler
I`m speachless... 7/7

Frank Forgione
Absolutely... incredible and beautiful.

John Berry
That's a novel way of taking a portrait

S. Wayne
How have I missed your work before now? Absolutely stunning.

Denise O'C

Daniel Vinklar
very nice, really! well technically executed (the tonal range), pleasing light, as i say, very nice! regards, daniel

Dario D
8-8 Very original, I like the position of the hands on the model face.

Naftali Raz
really good! probably the best in your excellent portrait gallery. fantastic separation of shadow details

ghizzoni claudio
great realy,realy one of the most beautiful portrait i have never seen. great anna

Alejandro Keller
Just great... wish I could think of this kind of stuff...

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