Sunrise over Buck's Pier

by Papai Ken

sunrise over bucks pier papai ken

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Published: Thursday 16th of January 2003 09:27:06 PM


Ken Papai
SOME DAY I'll have to concentrate better on that horizon. Thanks for the reminders. Maybe I'll get up early again soon and reshoot this.

iso 3200
Would have been a 6 for A if the horizon was straight. If you shot it on a tilt for effect, it doesn't come off IMHO, but it has a lot of good elements otherwise.

Michael McCullough
5-5 Nice colour almost good composition,too bad about the horizon.

John Mazza
Interesting... For a moment, I thought I was looking out the window of an airplane... Nice use of gradation and exposure, but just a little straightening of the horizon would be a very good thing!

Paulo Pampolin
I would love to make this picture.

Darren Carlin
Great shot very pleasing to look at !

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