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Published: Thursday 16th of January 2003 07:51:06 AM


alfredo matacotta
It is just a close up of a cauliflower.

Paolo Cozzaglio
Very nice and brilliant colours. Complimenti!

Tristan Savatier
very nice fractal structure. what is that ?

Kalin Kozhuharov
What is it? I am really at a loss... Some kind of underwater shot? Too clear to be. Or microscope shot? Too sharp focused to be. No idea :-( Please tell us!

David Eppstein
I hadn't realized such pure fractals existed in nature. Very nice.

Added June 3 '03: I got some email today from Ed Pegg (a recreational math fan) telling me this stuff is called "Broccoli Romanesco". If you search for that phrase on Google you can find more photos of it, but none as good as this one.

Ben Saucer
bsaucer Looks like "broccoflower", which I used to see in the grocery store years ago.

kat crawford
yummy I contributed a photo I took very similar to this many years ago to a fractal site. They actually thought it was art, Nature sure makes the most amazing math huh.

Per Hanfsamen
Wow, beautiful shot. Actually it kind of reminds me of math classes in a way. Square Functions and all describing the growth of the cauliflower .. whatever thats just me probably. regards Hanfsamen

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