January Sunset Sky by Jim Crotty

by Crotty Jim

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Category: Landscape

Published: Thursday 20th of January 2011 02:20:38 AM


Holger Stelljes

Gorgeous color and a great POV makes for an overall outstanding image. I'm glad you were able to get in this winter shot.



gao wenzhong
Everything is good,but PS made it not normal. ;-)

Jim Crotty
Ohio Winter Sunset I'm often limited with opportunities for nature and landscape photography in Ohio during January. However, the early winter evenings do provide some of the best and most colorful sunsets, if only for just a brief moment. I love photographing in the tall grass meadow of a nearby metro park when I see the conditions coming together for a dynamic sunset. HDR image of three raw exposures, each about two and half stops apart.

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