Sea, Sky & Rocks XV

by Sousa Dias Nana

sea sky rocks xv sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Thursday 16th of January 2003 03:01:27 AM


Bob Douglas
Stop it Nana, You have struck again. Wonderful piece. One comment though the rocks on the left hand side seem cut off, is there room for cropping?

Lou Korell
My comment is on your portfolio as a whole. Your work is so magical and wonderful. I would hope that you have had or will have gallery showings somewhere so that you can be appreciated for bringing such beautiful scenery and other images to public viewing. I would only make these comments if I feel I have learned something by looking at your images. Thanks!!! Keep it up!!!

Marc G.
I'll probably get stonned for my opinion - not by you, Nana, I know :-) - but I find the tones far better than the composition...

I love the way the sky gets progressively brighter towards the right of the frame, but for the composition, I feel you'd be better of cropping the right off to keep just a square...

So, 5.5 / 5.5 for me... and I let you figure this out...:-) I have no idea how to solve this conflict. Cheers.

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