Sunset in a cloudy day at Fonte da Telha beach

by barros joao

sunset in a cloudy day at fonte da telha beach barros joao

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Published: Tuesday 11th of January 2011 11:22:41 AM


joao barros
"Copy" Hannu, best regards!

joao barros
Hi Hannu! TKS for the comment and for the photo sugestion. For me the most important in the photo and one of the best things I like is to see the sky, particularly with clouds. I know that the clouds are a daily free show and I always look to it!!! The croped photo it's another version of this landscape, but it has less clouds and sky dinamics... Anyway, it´s always good to receive inputs from our colleagues! Best regards

Hannu Soini

Hi Joao ! I like the image a lot. I love the sky view, but feel that an experiment of cropping the photo might be worth while(imho), as you have the rope in front of the photo. Have a look and comment what you think ? - br Hannu

Hannu Soini

Hi Joao ! You are welcome of the “suggestion” (semantically considered as improvement ?) – I trurst you know that I share your passion towards clouds and sky dynamics and place this comment and “cropping the photo” experiment inside experiments – we all do with our photos before and after the entries…All the best Hannu

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