Energy Arc

by Frazier Blaise

energy arc seeking critique frazier blaise

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 Windows

Published: Tuesday 7th of January 2003 05:37:27 PM


Morey Kitzman
Exquisite. Modern art at its best.

Michael Williams
i liked it much better as horizontal sorry. the old composition had more character.

Roger Stevens
Well, I like the whole package. It’s simple, interesting, and unique. There’s nothing to pick on here. Well done.

steve champagne
Great shot ! Nice colors !

Andreas L. Szilvasy
Excellent capture!

Marc G.
Yep, splendid. But here is another vote for a vertical frame... Or at least a square. Regards.

Johnny Rocket
Looks like something you could sell to a company who produces science books or magazines. Wonderul colors and aesthetics.

Chris Ward
very cool looks like a planet or sun.

Massimiliano Eleota
6/7 Wow.

Michael Comerford
Magical Just getting into semi-serious digital photography - this is abolutely brilliant, and something for me to shoot for (pun intended). Thankyou !

Dierk Hilger
cold fire very impressive!

Blaise Frazier
No need to feel down The original picture is still intact, I just wanted to see what people thought about this one. Thanks for the comments everyone, I really appericiate it!

Sam Norris
Good strong image, attention getter. Good work.

Michael Williams
perfect i wouldn't change a thing, this is very striking. perfect color and composition.

Dougity B
Quite amazing

Simone Maria Navarra
Cool shot!!

Carl Root
The colors and lighting are great, but I'd like to see everything square and level. . . . or more tilted . . . . one or the other.

Scott Bulger
Excellent, let me upgrade my rating now.

Dougity B
A vertical frame? I liked it the other way. I guess I'll have to down grade my rating accordingly. Sorry.

Dougity B
wup! Just kidding.

Jeremy Stein
I agree with the idea of a vertical frame instead of the horizontal, but otherwise this is a dynamite image and a beautiful graphic!

Leilani Exner
Excellent work. Nice colors.

Scott Bulger
I might try a vertical frame, but still, excellent work.

L. F. Zou
Great close up of a simple item! Excellent!

Blaise Frazier
Please Critique Me New photo, new camera, blala.

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